Paris - Lurkin on the City Of Lights

The City Of Lights is Lit, as the kids say. I had the good fortune to travel there in the Fall of 2015 for an art exhibition with my homie Kevin. From the moment we stepped off the plane at CDG airport it was full on sensory overload in a good way. Besides the obvious difference in language the smaller details is what i found most intriguing. 

We rented a quaint little Air Bnb spot in the 19th arrondissement near the Stalingrad metro station. Just around the corner was this spot called PFC (Paris Fried Chicken) which we ended up eating at 4 times during our week long stay. The chicken and shawarma were super tasty and the price was right. Middle Classy approved, for sure. 

Our buddy Benny who runs a lifestyle magazine called BESTREET took us to this tucked away bar called Le Comptoir Général that has an African dictator motif going on. Replete with props from Eddie Murphy's Coming To America and other random artifacts. 

Parismiddle classy